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Love and Relationships

30 Quotes from Famous Love Poems NEW
Romantic poetry from classics.

The Hippy Wedding and the Orange Dress
“It’s the kind of dress you want to wear with high heels. I mean it was a slinky, sexy, unique, romantic, hotter-than-hot, shiny, flowy, gossamer dress of wonder…”

He was a Rock Star
“I was a beautiful woman and he was rock star. That’s just the truth…”

Dating and Surf Culture in Australia
“When people think of Australia they tend to think of the bronzed Aussie surfer with the golden hair strutting his stuff on the beach. This stereotype is popular for marketing and imagery even in Australia…”

More than Just a Friend
“Do you guys believe in friendship between man and woman? I don’t…”

An Insider’s Look at the Mail Order Bride Industry
“I used to be a translator/interpreter in the Internet Dating Agency. It is a good part-time job for a student of Linguistics Department. All you need is good knowledge of English (grammar and punctuation), ability to type fast and… a bit of imagination…”

Tired of Getting Along with Your Spouse
“Tired of getting along with your husband or wife?  Feeling frisky and mean, like you wanna start a knock-down, drag-out?  Try wallpapering with your spouse—it’s a no-brainer…”

Advice for a Long Distance Relationship
“The first thing a person should do in any relationship is to throw out the old cliché of “Love means never having to say you’re sorry” because love should mean wanting to say you’re sorry…”

Love Quotes
Famous love quotes from across time and place.

More Precious than Gold
“Waking up each morning and knowing you are loved is the most valuable thing you can have. I know, because I had it for seventeen years…”

For Exotic Romance, try Moroccan Décor
“Think Bogart and Bergman in Casablanca…”

Valentine’s Day Romance on a Budget
“Although the words ‘frugal + abundance’ may sound like they can’t go together, that’s not at all the case…”

Musings from France
Musings of an American who has been living in France for several years.

Lost Love Q&A
Statistics and advice for lost lovers.

What’s Really Important in a Relationship
“Having passed yet another birthday and wondering if I will ever find a partner with whom I can imagine spending the rest of my life, I have begun to wonder about what is really important in a relationship…”

In Praise of Older Men
“Since my early dating days, my taste has always run toward older men. Significantly older…”

Who Would have Thunkit?
“One of the most romantic adventures I ever had happened when I didn’t know where I was going until the moment I got there.”

Salsa/Tango Dancing
“It’s the latest hot dancing craze in many parts of the United States. It’s a good workout. It’s forbidden and sexy. It’s tango and salsa dancing…”

I am a Lucky Man!
Communication with my soul mate.

A Woman’s Aura
What is it about that first attraction?

Work Week Romance
“It’s far too easy to fall into a rut in your relationship during the week because you are busy…”

Freshman Valentines
“For Valentine’s Day my freshman year in college, I was doing the long distance relationship with my boyfriend…”

Cold Weather Loving
“Most people think of romance as a summer affair, with little clothing and light summer breezes as you and your boyfriend go hiking or picnicking through a summer meadow…”


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