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Tango and Salsa Dancing

by Jason

It’s the latest
hot dancing craze in many parts of the United States. It’s a good
workout. It’s forbidden and sexy. It’s tango and salsa dancing.

Tango dancing
has been famous in super romantic scenes in movies such as Scent
of a Woman and Tango. While it might take years of practice to get
up to the dancing level of the professionals and body doubles seen
on the screen, you and your boyfirend can find a way to sizzle on
the dance floor too.

Tango dancing,
which has many different styles and originated in South America,
and salsa dancing, a less formal Latin dancing style that has many
different schools of movement, have both become very common at dance
clubs around the country. They are a good way to have a good time
and start some romantic and sexual energy flowing between you and
your partner. The problem is, the steps have to be learned, and
that means convincing your boyfriend to get off the couch and go
to a class where he might look foolish in front of other people
while he does something
he’s never done before.

The good news
is, learning salsa, or tango dancing is really not all that hard.
It is also not that expensive. Look on the web for salsa and tango
dancing societies and web posting sites on the Internet. Most metropolitan
areas have websites where you can find a class near you. Most classes
have different skill levels from people who have never danced before
to highly experienced dancers. A good teacher usually costs anywhere
from $7 to $15 per lesson.

But how do
you get your boyfriend into the class. The main key is to show him
how much you want to learn, how important it is to you. Guys like
being clobbered over the head with obvious hints on how they can
make you real happy. Also, if you explain that nobody there really
knows much about dancing, after five minutes of the class he won’t
feel self-concious anymore. Everybody in the class is in the same
boat. My favorite style to learn is salsa rueda, which is sort of
a Cuban form of square dancing. You learn various simple steps that
involve such things as switching partners in a circle. The teacher
calls out the names of the steps. It is an easy way to learn the
basic steps of salsa dancing and the basics of rhythm and movement.

The main key
is to find a class that goes slow. The learning is as much fun as
the dancing, so you don’t want to get into a class that feels too
much like work. Another key is to not worry too much about the steps.
The more important thing is using the learning of salsa or tango
dancing to find your rhtyhm with your boyfriend. Find the way your
body moves against his, how to look in each other eyes while your
bodies move back and forth. Find the rhythm of where he puts his
feet and where you put yours, and don’t worry if you step on each
other’s feet. Laughing at your missteps is half of the fun. Find
where you are comfortable putting your hands and where he is comfortable
putting his hands on you so you two can move and still keep your

The key, above
all else, is to have fun together. Make it a romantic and sensual
experience, even if it doesn’t flow as well as the dancers in the
movies. Two people who get into dancing together can forget the
rest of the world exists. And isn’t that romance, when the rest
of the world dissolves except for each other’s eyes and the rhythm
of your feet.


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