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7th House Synastry Planets

In the cosmic tapestry of love and relationships, synastry weaves intricate patterns that often leave us pondering the age-old question: are we truly made for each other? Synastry, the art of comparing two birth charts to uncover relationship dynamics, offers intriguing answers. While each House… Read More »7th House Synastry Planets

8th House Synastry Planets

Ever felt that tantalizing, nearly electric pull towards someone, as if invisible threads of destiny were weaving your souls closer together? Welcome to the world of synastry, where the cosmos narrates the script of love. Now, imagine this bond intensified, like the magnetic dance of… Read More »8th House Synastry Planets

Female Sexuality and AI

From personalized content recommendations to voice-guided directions, artificial intelligence (AI) has insidiously weaved itself into the very fabric of our modern existence. Its vast impact shapes our perceptions of the world, and, crucially, our very identities. The vital cog in this machine of perceptions is… Read More »Female Sexuality and AI