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Romance in Paris – France

Why I Moved to Santa Fe, or the Relationship that Wasn’t NEW
“I was living in my van at the time, which was tricked out like a deluxe camper and had been my primary address for seven months. I was just wandering, unsure where my life was taking me…”

Dating in Santa Fe – Not for the Faint Hearted NEW
“Maybe it was Georgia O’Keefe and Alfred Steiglitz and their well-documented, romantic escape from New York to romp in the canyons of Abiqui—their wild motorbike adventures through the valleys, kicking up dust devils and befriending tarantulas before heading home to paint cow skulls and cala lilies…”

French Lover Myth
“I have never thought of myself as a real French lover until I met Sandy, my American girlfriend in Paris in 2002.”

An American in Burgundy
“Come to Burgundy this weekend and visit our chateau,” he said. “Right,” I thought, “I’ll bet he says that to all the new expatriate American girls.”

Chateau d’Esclimont
“As you drive down the curving lane through the forest and come upon the Chateau d’Esclimont it is as if you have left the modern world behind and entered into the realm of fairy tale castles and knights in shining armor.”

Romantic Sète
“No romantic visit to the South of France would be complete without a stay in Sète, sometimes called ‘the little Venice of the Languedoc’…”

Getting Married in France
“There are probably few people who would disagree that getting married in France is one of the most romantic things you could do. While this is quite true, it can also be a major pain in the derriere..”

The Art of Sex
“Paris is often referred to as the most romantic city in the world.
Romance does pervade the air here and naturally, the erotic is never
far behind.”

Falling in Love with the Real Paris
“Friends have recently accused me of complaining about France a lot.
It’s true, I do gripe about many things here, but I complain about
things wherever I live. Hey, I grew up in New York.”

Top 10 Reasons for Dumping My French Boyfriend
“He always let me know what he wanted but never asked what I wanted. When I would tell him what I wanted he pretended to not be able to understand my English…”

Cultural Differences
“American women are often mistaken for being ‘easy’ and French men are thought to be rude to expect sex after something as harmless, by American standards, as a kiss…”

Online Rendevous
“Having felt like I had dated every man in the United States, I thought I would give France a try. Hey, they’re charming, handsome, and they speak French, which sounds erotic even when they are ordering a sandwich…”

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