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How Couples Met & Fall in Love


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Seattle to Italy
“There was a spark between them that felt like the old spark that she had had with her husband. She didn’t feel guilty for feeling that spark because she knew her husband would want her to enjoy life and her grown children felt the same way…”

As fate would have it
“Growing up poor had never been easy, but somehow I managed to live my life around it.”

Before the Internet
“A friend of mine had a CB radio that we use to like to talk to people on. She used the handle ‘Hot Lips’ and I was ‘Candy Kiss’.”

My online love
“One September morning I sat down in front of my computer and there was an instant message on my screen.”

To an unexpected love
“I had been separated for awhile and my Stepmother bought me a membership to a Shag Club here in town.”

Fairy tales do come true
“A gentleman who was a seated at the restaurant caught me yawning and came up to me and said, ‘you really shouldn’t do that, it hides your wonderful smile.'”

My hero
“Fresh out of high school, I was living with my boyfriend of nearly four years.”

A lie for love
“When I was a freshman in high school (14 years old), I met the boy of my dreams by lying to my best friend.”

God gave me an Angel
“God knows what He is doing.”

Through thick and thin
“Me and my best friend went to this country dance in Monette Arkansas.”

Forever and always
“Well, this all started off in Summer School this past summer.”

We met at a party
“I went to a party and saw the love of my life right there and then.”

My Knight
“About five years ago I was engaged to be married. My fiance and I had
been having a tough time of things, but being practical, I figured I
should proceed with the wedding plans in the expectation that we
could work things out…”

Soul Mates
“I had a dream of finding my one life long friend, my partner, my soul mate who would be there for me in my time of need and who could delight, thrill and entertain me in a unique way…”

Indian Reservation
“We met on an Indian reservation way up in northern Canada a thousand miles from home…”

Opening Doors
“After a long day of work I was heading home and was suddenly struck by a desire to visit a bar that I had passed a few miles back…”

Dance Studio
“We met at an Arthur Murray Dance Studio…”

High School
“We grew up in the same town, went to the same high school, our families knew each other for years…”


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