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Falling in Love Stories

Love Stories

Meeting My Husband, Ch.1 NEW
“I looked down at his hand in disdain expecting him to pull it away. After several seconds I frowned and grudgingly offered mine…”

An Awkward Meeting NEW
“Yeah, then a light shone down on her and I knew she was the one…”

True Love at 16? NEW
“When James arrived, he simply moved into my life without even a hint of upset…”

Boston Love Story
“They were seated next to each other, and their first real conversation was about who would get the privilege of clutching at the shared armrest…”

Amy and Ron
“I had a good life – I was going to Jacksonville State University in Alabama, I had lots of friends, was doing well in my classes, and had my own apartment…”

Canadian Love Story
“Sometimes you have to go to Canada to fall in love,” says Shayla, tucking her hand inside her husband’s…”

Five and Dime Store
“It was after the Second World War in Richmond, Virginia…”

Sara and D.J.
“I needed money to go on an upcoming mission trip to Romania…”

Fateful Coincidence
“Four of us took scientific scribbles and turned them into specifications for every ingredient…”

Paula and Joe
“‘What? What did you tell him about me?’ I asked…”

Love in the Unlikeliest of Places
“I’m not sure if it was the fact that we were three unknown blondes in bikinis, or that the boat was called “Hotties,” but the men parted the line of boats much like Moses and the Red Sea, and guided our boat into the middle…”

29 Years Ago
“A little boy sits on the edge of my mother’s green tweed couch, his eyes exploring the length of the fishing rod in his hands. His fisted hand circles…in make-believe of reeling…pulling in an imaginary fish…”

Brooklyn in the 1960’s
“When my mom was 15 years old, she used to hang out a luncheonette called Martin’s on Nostrand Avenue and Avenue W in Sheepshead Bay..”

The Almost-on-Purpose Accidental
Date that Started It All
“Our cubicles were right across the hall from each other, and I could hear every conversation Libby had…”

My Local Video Store
“It was awkward when he came into the store after that. I couldn’t stop smiling. I felt so giddy around him…”

Meant To Be: In Dubai or Manila
“When Mona announced that she is getting married, it appeared to me like a joke. After all, this woman whom I spent years of unwavering friendship with has always said she isn’t tailored for the marriage-family thing…”

“I was a college kid looking for some cheap digs for the summer. In particular, there was one road I wanted to live on. It bordered some woods and had a lot of little old houses tucked away here and there among marshy fields running wild with scotchbroom…”

When You Least Expect It
“Having lived a quarter of a century, I had my share of stories of unrequited love and bad break ups (which one is good anyway). Hence, after another hopeless tussle with cupid, I was ready to remain single for at least a couple of years…”

First Generation American
“I am first generation American and a mix of three different cultures: Spanish, Chilean and American…”

Florence, Italy
“Some say Paris is the city of romance, but I beg to differ…”

Josephine and Lucas
“…we were taking an elective course in Romantic literature…”

Stevie and Mike
was a rainy day. Nothing new for a day
in Syracuse, New York…”

Johanna and Kyle
“After college and before landing a job as an attorney with the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) in Los Angeles, I decided to take a year off to travel abroad…”

Connie and Will
“In 1983 Connie Oak was living and working for a large insurance company in Toronto, Canada. She had been divorced for a couple years, and life was moving slowly…”

James and Ranae
“James and I met while he was the lead singer in a band…”

Under Fluorescent Lights
“Like a lot of people, I met my husband at work. But this wasn’t a nice, sweet office romance amid copy machines and supply closets.”

A Seven-Year Love Story
“I could not decide what to wear to work. As an image-conscious seventeen-year-old, I felt like I needed to look a certain way at all times…”

“I was a fifteen-year-old paper carrier. I’d like to say that I sped around on my bike flinging papers hither and yon, hitting the exact front doorstep with each toss and looking like a San Francisco bike messenger in training; but in truth, I crept around on foot, groggy and grumpy, lugging my giant sack over one shoulder, and feeling very uncool about it all.”

No Two Alike: India’s Modern-Day Arranged Marriages
“On the subjects of life, love, and marriage Indian women, like most women, have plenty to say. The practice of arranged marriages is still going strong throughout India, while influences of modernity on the ancient system have also been felt in numerous ways both comic and tragic.”

Against the Odds
“A Hebrew word, b’shert, perfectly captures the way many couples feel when they find their true soul mates.”

How I Met my Husband
“My husband and I met by complete accident, as many love stories often go. I was fresh out of undergrad, and working my way through grad school in order to pursue my dream of teaching in an inner-city school system.”

How Coco Met Her Husband and Fell in Love
“I actually met my hubby to be twice. The first time I met him I had a swollen up face from having my wisdom teeth drilled out of my head the day before.”

Do Not Miss Your Chance
“Everything is so fast and simple now, life moves at a breakneck speed… There is no time for silly romance.”

Friends for Years & Then…
“I met Nate in the 8th grade when my family moved to Crocker, Missouri. We were instant friends who joked with each other in the back row of Math class.”

When Dating Goes 21st Century
“I met my husband online in a chat room 11 years ago when the Internet chatting and meeting in person wasn’t yet accepted as it is today.”

Without a Single Word
A true love story in Beijing, China during the 1990’s.

Miracle by Chance
“I was interested in the rhythm guitar player in the band…”

Good Morning
“Good morning to me has a whole different meaning than it does to most people…”

Three Proposal Stories
“Dan had to propose two times to Barbara!…”

Love, Internet Style
“Yes, I’m one of those women who met her true love on the Internet. I’ve chatted with quite a few people about how they fell in love with someone they met online. Frankly, I thought they were crazy…until it happened to me…”

Wanted: A Soulmate
“In my generation it wasn’t expected that a woman left school and married…”

Stairways to Heaven
“In Jewish tradition, a person responsible for a wedding of at least three couples earns his way to heaven. According to this tradition, I shouldn’t be worried…”

40 Years to Get Together
“It took those 40 years, and all of the life experiences contained, to season us just right so that we have a fantastic fire and ember and romance relationship…”

Best Date Ever
“I came to college not ever expecting to find the love or romance I dreamed of. I met a girl at
church who caught my eye…”

Dating an Older Man
“I have been dating an older man for about a month now…”

Knight in an Armor
“I don’t really believe in MAGIC, but at that point I can say there was really MAGIC…”

My Love Story…with no end in sight
“Was it Coincidence?“

Married Three Times to Each Other
“My mother and father got married three times – to each other!”…

Seattle to Italy
was a spark between them that felt like the old spark that she had
had with her husband. She didn’t feel guilty for feeling that
spark because she knew her husband would want her to enjoy life
and her grown children felt the same way…”

fate would have it
up poor had never been easy, but somehow I managed to live my life
around it.”

the Internet
friend of mine had a CB radio that we use to like to talk to people
on. She used the handle ‘Hot Lips’ and I was ‘Candy Kiss’.”

online love
September morning I sat down in front of my computer and there was
an instant message on my screen.”

an unexpected love
had been separated for awhile and my Stepmother bought me a membership
to a Shag Club here in town.”

tales do come true
gentleman who was a seated at the restaurant caught me yawning and
came up to me and said, ‘you really shouldn’t do that, it hides
your wonderful smile.’”

out of high school, I was living with my boyfriend of nearly four

lie for love
“When I
was a freshman in high school (14 years old), I met the boy of my
dreams by lying to my best friend.”

gave me an Angel
“God knows what He is doing.”

thick and thin
and my best friend went to this country dance in Monette Arkansas.”

and always
this all started off in Summer School this past summer.”

met at a party
went to a party and saw the love of my life right there and then.”

five years ago I was engaged to be married. My fiance and I had

been having a tough time of things, but being practical, I figured
should proceed with the wedding plans in the expectation that we

could work things out…”

had a dream of finding my one life long friend, my partner, my soul
mate who would be there for me in my time of need and who could
delight, thrill and entertain me in a unique way…”

met on an Indian reservation way up in northern Canada a thousand
miles from home…”

a long day of work I was heading home and was suddenly struck by
a desire to visit a bar that I had passed a few miles back…”

met at an Arthur Murray Dance Studio…”

grew up in the same town, went to the same high school, our families
knew each other for years…”


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