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Love Story – Soul Mates

Love Story


by Jason and Louisa

had a dream of finding my one life long friend, my partner, my soul
mate who would be there for me in my time of need and who could
delight, thrill and entertain me in a unique way. In addition to
conversation on a deep level and an understanding of my little idiosyncrasies
and irritations that in turn strengthened our bond and sincere connection
with each other.

never realised that in my search to find her, I would one Sunday
afternoon oblivious that this would actually be the day I meet my
soul mate. There she was standing across the crowd, eyes engrossed
on me not moving, blinking. Just a mysterious stare from across
the room. My heart racing realising in fact that it was me she were
fixated on.

and carefully moving across the room towards her trying not to make
it obvious but still intent on meeting her with my now purpose…
Wanting to open with – “Will you marry me?” –
How did I know yet, not even knowing her name? How did I know she
was the one? How did I know? I somehow just did as if sent by some
mysterious force to be in the same place at the same time on the
same day… Someone had been picking up on my subconscious messages
into the universe to find my life long friend and soul mate. That
someone sent me there for her that Sunday. Someone sent her there
for me.

The minute I learnt her name and had her number I txt her with the
words… “Louisa Grow Old With Me” as if being written
down would strengthen the message wanting to be conveyed. We had
so much fun that evening, that seemed to go on forever. We danced,
we hugged, we kissed, we spoke, we laughed, but most of all – we

few days passed and we got in contact once again. Our bond just
grew and grew and continued to get stronger day by day. After a
few months I asked her to join me in a trip back home to meet my
parents, to which she was more than delighted to accept. On our
return we moved in together and things just seemed so right! Louisa
had now become the face on the woman in my dreams I had always dreamed
of finding. She is loving, generous, adorable and most of all, my
best friend! We are planning to get engaged this year and to be
married soon after.

won’t spend my life waiting for an angel to descend, searching
for a rainbow with out an end, gazing at the stars up in the sky
wondering of love will pass me by… now that I have found you
I will call off the search.. You are the tiger burning bright deep
in the forest of my night. You sleep by the silent cooling streams
in the darkness of my dreams, all of my life I never knew you were
the dream I would see coming true. I was the one who looked so hard,
I could not see, and now I could never live with out the love you
give to me. I lived like a wild and lonely soul, lost in a dream
beyond control. You are the one who brought me home. From now until
forever… S’agapo my Girl..

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