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Love Story – Indian Reservation in Canada

Love Story


by Trish

met on an Indian reservation way up in northern Canada a thousand
miles from home. We were both on a two year mission service from
our respective churches. At that time there were no paved roads
into the reservation-the only way in was by a small plane. I taught
Indian children at the village school and Omar helped the men build
and improve the village. The reservation was very large and we actually
lived 1 hour away from each other. Although the living conditions
were primitive by today’s standards, it was also in a very
beautiful part of Canada. At first we saw each other only at village
gatherings or when our paths happened to cross. I guess you could
say we courted while surrounded by the entire Indian tribe. It was
difficult to arrange to meet because there was no phone we were
very busy with our duties. As time went on and we wanted to see
each other more often, we communicated by notes. When we wanted
to be alone, Omar and I would row to the middle of the lake in a
canoe so we could talk and get to know each other. As the months
went by we grew to love and respect each other. Near the end of
our missions, Omar proposed to me on the lake in the canoe. Our
love for each other has only grown though the many years we have
been together. I often marvel at the fact that we met each other
so far away from home.


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