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How to start over in a relationship? A few handy tips

How to start over in a relationship

Not every stage of the relationship is the same. You’ll have to go through the highs and lows with your partner. But over time, you might lose the spark or the motivational force that is driving your relationship. Are you in such a state? You may have to start over in a relationship.

How to start over in a relationship

Many of you might ask: can a couple really start over, or how to start over in a relationship in a way that works. The simple answer is yes but only by showing exemplary courage and motivation while leaving certain parts of the past behind.

So, how do you start a relationship over? We don’t pretend to be gurus who know all the right answers, but here are some tips that may help you out.

Take a break

Remember the song My Moon My Man by Feist where she says: “Take it slow, take it easy on me“? Well, if you think you may need to start your love relationship over, chances are you could say the same… to yourself!

Separating with your partner is not easy, but when you are on the verge of a relationship where you’ll have to reconsider the entire scenario taking a break is the right thing to do. It can allow you to rethink your goals and priorities and get back to each other when you are clear of your emotions and needs. Only then, sitting together and deciding upon the other things would be helpful.

Find the reasons why you want to be together

One of the other things that can offer an answer to your question can a couple really start over is to find the reasons why you are in this specific relationship. Analyzing the causes and finding the positives that have brought you two together provides solid grounds for any future relationship.

Communicate in a better way

You can communicate better to reduce the misconceptions and misunderstandings that you might have with each other. Although you may have not been able to do it thus far (which is why things got out of hand), correcting this problem does not have to be a hard or daunting task.

Are you certain you and your partner always understand each other? Or do you need to learn how to communicate in a relationship? Arguments and conflicts can spark from what he are used to taking for granted, and if you faced communication issues in the past this step may be especially useful in starting the relationship over.

Forgive your partner

When you are seriously looking for ways to give a new start to your life, you must forgive the old mistakes made by your partner.

By letting them go, you can start your relationship all over and give your better half a chance to compensate for the things that went wrong previously. But one thing to note here is that you shouldn’t keep on reminding yourself about the failures that your loved ones have made in this past. If you continue doing so, it means that you haven’t forgiven them and still holding old grudges in your heart. With such an attitude, there is no point in asking can you start a relationship over: even if you do, it’ll be just the same.

Pick your battles

We all agree that there can be problems in a relationship. Your partner might have some annoying habits that you don’t like, but the same is true for you, too. So, you cannot expect to keep fighting every moment while being imperfect yourself.

You have to let go of many things to live a peaceful and happy romantic life. This is why we can suggest you pick the specific topics that are important to you. When you have particular issues making your point or convincing your partner, you’ll be in fewer fights. Moreover, there will be more chances of convincing your partner to do what you want as they’ll be doing their part in settling things.

Similarly, you’ll have to realize that your partner has priorities as well and probably expects you to compromise at least some of the time. If you ran into compromise issues in the past, tackling this challenge may help you get a fresh start in a relationship when you are both ready for it.

Get professional help

If you can’t settle the situation on your own, one of the best things you can do is seek help from professionals. The marriage counselors and relationship experts can guide you about the problems in a better way than you would do it yourself because they have the luxury of being impartial observers. They will listen to your problems to provide space to vent out your emotions and guide you to deal with particular situations.

Seeking such help can mend your relationship and give you a new direction to live your life happily and answer to how to start over in a relationship fully.

How to start over in a relationship: concluding remarks

To tell you the truth, the ultimate answer to the question how to start over in a relationship? depends on nobody but you. If you are willing to (1) give yourself and your partner enough time, (2) compromise on things that have created problems between the two of you in the past, and (3) find the strength and motivation to go on with the same person, you can expect considerable improvements. But if you have already decided that the issues that made your relationship hard are not the ones you can compromise on, there is no point in trying to resurrect dead feelings. So, make sure you weighted all the pros & cons, make up your mind, and stick to whatever decision you’ve made. Because, even if you decide to let go of the relationship instead of trying to start it over, taking responsibility for your actions will drastically increase your chances of finally meeting the right person and building a happy life with him or her.

Good luck!

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