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“When I say I love you more…” by D. Rudoy

When I say I love you more - header

I don’t believe that anybody
feels the way I do about you now

Oasis – “Wonderwall”

“When I say I love you more…”
(a love poem by D. Rudoy)

When I say I love you more,
There are lightning bolts galore:
You refuse a universe
Where my love’s exceeding yours.
Am I truly so unjust
As to doubt you and distrust
The confessions you allot?
Dear, definitely not!

When I say I love you more
I don’t mean to start a war
Over which of us in part
Has a somewhat bigger heart.
All I mean is: in a world
Where the truth is seldom told
You have given me the force
To be myself with no remorse.

When I say I love you more
Than the ones you met before,
I’m not being inexact:
All I do is state a fact.
Had the best of their ex-crew
Loved you half the way I do,
Your romance would catch no moss
And our path would never cross.

When I say I love you more
By the day, my senses soar
And begin to adumbrate
All the reasons why you’re great.
Since my heart began to beat,
No one made me so complete
And, elated, in return
Like the Sun for you I burn.

When I say I love you more,
An untold but magic lore
Kept forever out of sight
Finds a way to come to light
And ignite us, as it seems.
Here we are: two endless beams
Each of whom, despite the score,
Loves the other slightly more.


Love poetry by D. Rudoy

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