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Thank You

  Thank You when i chatted with you online today i must tell you; you made my day i wanted to hold and hug you…wanted to see you and love you in every way and when you told me that you thought i didn’t remember… Read More »Thank You

Romancing Lori

  Romancing Lori By. V. R. S. Prologue “Lori Mitchell, 29 years old, workaholic, and a loner.” Yes, that is the way to start… scratch “Lori Mitchell, 29 years old, currently a musician, scrap booker, knitter,”… scratch Sure, boring. Basically it seems as if I… Read More »Romancing Lori

Love poetry & stories

  From Our Visitors An American in France UPDATED REGULARLY Thank you Thru the minutes and hours of time Romancing Lori   Do you have poetry or fiction you would like to see online? Email us All writing is the unique expression of individual authors.… Read More »Love poetry & stories