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Thank You

i chatted with you online today i must tell you; you made my day
i wanted to hold and hug you…wanted to see you and love you in
every way
and when you told me that you thought i didn’t remember you
it broke my heart all this time you didn’t think i was still loving
boy, its’ been 5 months,18 days 21 hours since we spoke
i didn’t want to say anything deep cuz my love for u i woulda provoked
and it makes me happy to know you dont hate me for all the shit
u heard
and im glad u dont consider me as what u might heard…a bird
cuz the rumors and the stories aren’t true
if only you knew boy how bad i have been feeling you…
for the past half year you been sneakin in and around my mind
and all while u were thinkin bout me all this time
if only i knew u still felt like that
you know im one call away, we still cool, you know i got your back
but im taken and this love wont unfurl…
for now u’ll always be my boy and i’ll be ur favorite girl.
thank you for showing me the true meanin of love
for showing me kindness and pure sincerity straight from the heavens


Marolhin Mendez


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