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Love Story – My Hero!

Love Story

My Hero!

by Todd and Ashley

Fresh out
of high school, I was living with my boyfriend of nearly four years.
Everything was going well until he started treating me very bad
… you know, never coming home, calling me names, pushing me around,
etc. At the time I was working at a drive-thru window as a teller
at a bank. My life was spinning. I was very unhappy, lonely, and
sad. One day, to my surprise, I met my furture husband. He came
through to make the deposit for the company he worked for. He just
stared at me with his beautiful green eyes for a few moments, and
told me I was beautiful. That was the first time in years I had
heard that. It gave me butterflies. After talking through the bank
window, and on the phone for weeks we finally went out. Long story
short, my mean ex-boyfriend left me (out of the blue) and Todd and
I started a relationship. We have now been married for a year and
a half and have a beautiful baby boy.

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