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Love Story – Forever and Always

Love Story

and Always

by Maranda & Darold

this all started off in Summer School this past summer (you know
how they say you can meet people in the strangest and most unexpected
place) so anyway… It was about the second week and I was in class
and he walked in. It was this handsome, attractive young man and
I was infatuated about him. so, I could do nothing but stare at
him that day. And then, what could have been more amazing, and nervously
coincidental at the same time, he sat next to me (not much of a
big deal, but at the time it was, trust me) so, I saw the way he
looked at me when I asked him to pass me a book. Little did I know,
this was the way he would always look at me. Two day later, we had
to evacuate the building and that is the first time I had the chance
to talk to him. So, every single day, I wouldn’t take an eye off
him. I was too busy being toungue-twisted, sweaty, and clammy to
have an unervous conversation with him. In the class, we would have
movie day every friday. and when a certain part of the movie would
come (ex: kissing, intimacy, etc.) and we would look at each other
in a really strange but hilarious way. Sometimes, we occasionally
laugh about it and continue watching the movie, but every day we
would walk out the door and I would just look at him and want to
put my arm around him, hold his hand and kiss him.

we arrived in the mornings, he would wait for me only to have to
separate when we get to our particular sides of the hallway. every
day it would be like this. It was my birthday party and I was giving
out invites and I gave him an invite. He couldn’t make it but, we
started talking on the phone a lot after that. and everyday I grew
even more nervous around him and became so unsure about him. but,
over time I knew that eventually I would have to say something in
length.) I wondered about a lot: If he liked me back, If he even
wanted anything to do with me, or, if he even had a girlfriend.

day, our teacher was at the back of the classroom, and she was giving
a lecture and remember, he is sitting directly next to me, so, I
felt like I was being watched, so, all of a sudden, I looked over
at him, and he happened to be staring at me. At first I was in denial
and thought he was looking out the window but, it was me he was
taking a glimpse at. So, I was kind of stunned and went home wondering.
The next friday happened to be the last day and we had to go back
to finish finals and I was waiting on him (this day I decided to
confess to him that I liked him and I actually wrote two poems to
let out clues and also planned to kiss him but that backfired on
me) so, he came out from finishing his finals and me, him. and one
of my friends decided to talk a walk all the way around the school.
It came time for my friend to go home, and that left me and Darold.
and I moved closer to him and talked to him some more. It was time
for him to go and I gave him the poems I wrote and told him “after
you get done reading them, throw them away”.

went home that same night and talked on the phone. I had asked him
what and who did he think I was referring to in both poems. Darold
had no Idea it was him. Then, I told him I liked him and that I
was In love with him. Clutching on to my pillow, waiting for a response
from him, I was even more excited when he told me he felt the same
way about me and that his heart always went out to me. The next
day, we had gotten together. So far we have been together for almost
four months and its been beautiful. to everyone that has true feelings
for anyone, my advice to them is that they should tell them because
you’ll never know how they feel unless you say something. He has
become a part of me and my heart has always went out to him too.
Behind those graciously good looks is faith, kindness, intellegence,
and honesty and I wouldn’t trade the world for him.

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