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D romance paris

Dating in Santa Fe

Dating in Santa Fe—Not for the Faint Hearted by Katie Mehrer Santa Fe, New Mexico. “Land of Enchantment.” The rosy sunsets, the evening glow on the mountains, the big blue skies, the desert’s pastel hues, the native Americans living in harmony with the earth .… Read More »Dating in Santa Fe

French Lover Myth

French Love Myth by Helenely I have never thought of myself as a real French lover until I met Sandy, my American girlfriend in Paris in 2002. I worked as an editor in charge of the sentimental novels department of one of the most famous… Read More »French Lover Myth

Romantic Sète, France

Romantic Sète by Laurel Avery No romantic visit to the South of France would be complete without a stay in Sète, sometimes called “the little Venice of the Languedoc,” due to its numerous canals and quaint neighborhoods. This old Mediterranean port is just a stone’s… Read More »Romantic Sète, France

The Art of Sex

The Art of Sex by Laurel Avery Paris is often referred to as the most romantic city in the world. Romance does pervade the air here and naturally, the erotic is never far behind. The Erotic Museum was opened in Paris in 1997 by Alain… Read More »The Art of Sex

Online Rendevous

Online Rendevous by Laurel Avery Having felt like I had dated every man in the United States, I thought I would give France a try. Hey, they’re charming, handsome, and they speak French, which sounds erotic even when they are ordering a sandwich. Trying to… Read More »Online Rendevous