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My Knight in Shining Armor

Love Story

My Knight

by Karen and Geoffrey

five years ago I was engaged to be married. My fiance and I had

been having a tough time of things, but being practical, I figured
should proceed with the wedding plans in the expectation that we

could work things out.

had looked at a few places in which to have the reception, and none

seemed quite right. Then a friend suggested I try the Knights of

Columbus hall, which looked beautiful from the outside, but which

nobody I know had ever entered.

one day I went in, and as my friend suspected, it was truly a
beautiful place. Geoffrey, the Knight that was in charge of
administration there showed me around the building and grounds.
dining room had a cathedral ceiling and tiffany chandeliers, and
hall looked out on to a cloistered courtyard with a gorgeous rose

garden. This was definitely the right place, and I put a downpayment

on the hall then and there.

and I walked out into the garden and began chatting about
this and that, and it turned out we had studied the same obscure

subjects in college. This launched a conversation that lasted for

almost three hours.

I left the building I knew something major had happened. A few
weeks later, despite giving it our best effort, my fiance and I
up, and I went back to the Knights of Columbus Hall to see if I
get my downpayment back.

enough, Geoffrey was still there, and as he handed me back my
check, expressed how sorry he was that things did not work out.

However, he had to admit that he found me one of the most interesting

women he had ever met and that had I not been engaged he would have

asked me out.

as I was no longer engaged, he did ask me out, and two years
later we were married in the same hall he showed me the day we met.

My Knight in shining armor!

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