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Love Story – When Dating Goes 21st Century

Love Story

When Dating Goes 21st Century

by Steve and Christine

I met my husband online in a chat room 11 years ago when the Internet chatting and meeting in person wasn’t yet accepted as it is today. I lived in Pennsylvania and him in California. The Internet explorer had the preloaded favorite list and one was movielink. I was just starting to learn what the Internet was about and muddling my way through each step when I found the chat rooms in movielink. There was a group of us that hung out in one of those chat rooms and that’s when I met Steve for the first time.

Eventually we exchanged pictures online and then phone numbers. I just knew Steve was meant to be my soul mate even if my family had their doubts. In fact my family thought I was crazy for taking a chance online with a stranger. I tried to explain that online you get to know if someone is lying or fake because online all they have is words and we got to take it slow and truly get to know one another for who we each were.

Eventually, I flew to Southern California and we met in person. I also got to meet some of our other chat room friends. We all met up and got to hang out together for a few days before heading back home to our respective states.

He flew out to Pennsylvania for Valentines Day to meet my family. A few months later I moved to California and we got married a few months after that. While our love saga may not have been the ‘norm’ or suitable way that my family would have had me meet, fall in love, and wed a man, they have no complaints now that they see how happy he’s made me and how wonderful we are together.

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