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after day, Susannah worked to exhaustion in an effort to be so tired that she’d
have no energy left to obsess about Hogan. Banishing him from her brain was an
exercise in futility.

dragged another box from the file room and carried it to her desk. “Here’s
the last one from the eighties, Allison.” Tiredly, she hoisted the dusty
box onto her desk and brushed her hands together.

We’re really making some progress now,” Allison said. “This was
really a two-person job, Susannah. With me sorting and filing. . . .”

me inputting the data,” Paula said, looking up from the computer.

should be finished with this before Paula goes back for the fall
semester,” Allison concluded.

Paula swung to the side to grab some papers from in front of Allison. Her
waist-length black hair fell across her face. Absently, she tossed her head,
flipping the black tresses over her shoulder.

can’t express how appreciative I am to both of you for pitching in like
this,” Susannah said.

grinned. “No problemo.”

Allison interrupted. “I’m not doing this for you. This is a job, and I’m
actually getting paid.”

like you need that minimum wage,” Susannah said with a wry laugh.

girls want me to bring back anything from the cafe?” Grace Collier asked.
“Myrtle’s got lemon ice box pie for dessert today.”

that sounds scrumptious,” Paula said. “Get a piece for me, Mom.”

rubbed her slender mid-section. “I’m starved. Get two slices for me,

where do you put all the food you eat?” Grace laughed. “I’ve never
seen anyone consume so much.”

shrugged. “Luck of the draw. I ended up with a super fast metabolism.
Other people get musical or artistic talent.”

dropped into the chair next to her desk. “Why are you still here, Allison?
I know Mom’s porch swing is a great place to sleep, but why haven’t you gone

shrugged. “I’m having fun. As long as it’s fun, I’ll stay.”

through dusty old papers is fun? Not that I don’t appreciate your taking over
this project, but it doesn’t make sense. You’re rich. You could be anywhere
doing anything. Laying on a beach on the French Riviera sounds like a heck of a
lot more fun than Alton County, Texas, in August.”

there, done that. Got the tee shirt. Don’t need another.” Allison opened
the box and began sorting its contents. “By the way, did you call Hogan to
say goodbye?”

Susannah looked up. “Goodbye?”

shrugged. “Yep. He’s leaving for Washington today.”

didn’t know.” She felt as if Allison had shoved a nightstick through her
heart. Hogan hadn’t set foot in the Sheriff’s office since she’d returned from
the Cove. “There’s no reason to call him. If he wanted to apologize, he
knows where I am.”

it would make you less miserable to see him and clear the air,” Paula

be ridiculous,” Susannah scoffed. “I’m not miserable.”

So crying yourself to sleep is normal behavior for you?” Allison asked.

reached into the box and pulled out a ticket. “Look at this. Here’s
another citation Uncle Barney wrote for Mrs. Rojas because her sheep Ruffles
ate Lucy Flores’s Easter hat.”

change the subject,” Allison said. “Did you here that Aunt Vonnie and
Thomas McConnell got married?”

smile brightened Susannah’s glum expression. “Your dad told Mom who told
me. I’m happy that things worked out for them.”

it’s kind of neat having a family with a famous jewel thief and an FBI agent
too.” Allison glanced up. “Oops. Sorry.”

problemo,” Susannah echoed dully.

do you think about my dad marrying your mom?”

sighed and laid the old ticket aside. “I think it’s a foregone conclusion.
She and I talked. What can I say? I’m convinced. I’ve never seen her this

grimaced. “Though I don’t know if I could tolerate having you for a
sister. I mean, you already steal my clothes. What will you do when we’re
officially sisters?”

let you steal mine. Though I must take exception to your statement. I haven’t
stolen your shirts. They don’t exactly fit,” Allison said.

Allison. I’m sure she appreciates the reminder that you have better assets in
that department,” Paula remarked dryly.

Allison said, “It’s quality not quantity that counts. I’d be willing to
bet that my rather dense cousin didn’t complain.”

flushed. No. Hogan hadn’t complained.

spend all your time thinking about him. Why don’t you call him? Come on,
Susannah. Give in. I’ll tell you what the D. E. stands for if you’ll
call.” Allison promised.

ignored the bribe. If Hogan wouldn’t tell her, she didn’t want to hear it from
someone else. “What would I say? Hi, this is the woman who . . . what? Had
a one-night stand with you?”

about, this is the woman who loves you?” Paula suggested.

If he’d wanted to talk to me, he’d have called me.”

the lamest excuse I’ve ever heard. What happened to your proactive feminist
stance? Why wait for a man to call you? Come on. Act like a man.” Paula
grinned. “Pick up the phone.”

your advice is what got me in this predicament. What kind of relationship could
we possibly have?” She asked, trying her best to sound light-hearted and
joking. “I mean he’s a G-man from D. C. and I’m a deputy from A. C.? Alton
County, Texas, is a world away from Washington. I’m not exactly the
vacation-affair type.”

know Hogan. You should trust him,” Allison said. “He’s not the
one-night stand type either. Believe me.”

felt her anger freshen. “Trust him? Why should I?”

you can’t go through life like before,” Paula said.

had enough. That’s all I hear lately from you two. And from Mom. From
everybody. Well, I’m tired of it. You two live your life your way. Which I
can’t see has gotten either of you very much. Paula, you’re miserable from your
last broken relationship, and, Allison, your free-wheeling lifestyle has only
resulted in too many affairs and nothing long-lasting.”

appearances aren’t what they seem,” Allison said. “I may not be the
bimbo you think I am. Just like you’re not the hard as nails loner you pretend
to be.”

Susannah felt ashamed of her words. “Hey, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean those
things. I don’t think you’re a bimbo, Allison.”


phone rang. Susannah grabbed it, glad to have something to break the tension in
the office. “Alton County Sheriff’s Department. This is Deputy Quinn. May
I help you?”

handed the phone to Allison. “It’s your dad.”

Allison, what can I do you for, Mayor?” Allison grinned and winked at

listened, her eyes dancing mischievously. “Okay. Ten four, good

laughed. “That’s a telephone, not a CB radio, Allison. Anything

Nothing at all. Just family business.” She fiddled with the papers in her
hand for a few minutes, glancing surreptitiously at the clock on the wall.
After ten minutes had passed, she said, “Susannah, shouldn’t you leave for

shrugged. “I’ve got time before I have to relieve Carl.”

Carl’s out in the parking lot already. Why don’t you take over early?”

There’s nothing much to do on patrol except drive around.”

that what you wanted? To be a patrol deputy?”

was. Once. I’ve decided to set my sights a little higher now.”

Deputy Quinn, show a little initiative. This county needs you. Get a move
on.” Allison rose and gave Susannah a push toward the door.

right. All right. Give it a rest. I’m going.” Susannah grumbled.

Allison said, “Well, move a little faster.”

but you’re a pain.” Susannah sighed. “I’ll see you both tonight.”

Meet you at the courthouse square,” Paula said. “Your cousin Judy
Anne said her mom and her nieces would meet us there too.”

can’t wait for the Mid-summer Night’s Festival,” Allison added. “I
bet Vance brings new meaning to Shakespeare-in-the-park. I can hardly

careful out there,” Paula said.

snapped her a mock salute. “Yes, ma’am. Tell Uncle Barney not to worry.
I’ll keep it under a hundred unless I have to chase someone.”

minutes after Susannah left, Allison picked up the phone and called her father.
“Okay, Dad, she’s on her way.”

she turned to Paula. “You won’t have to wait until tonight for fireworks.
They’re about to begin.”

* * *

had cleared the air with her mother. She’d told Rory about her two meetings
with her father. They’d cried together.

refuse to love anyone the way you loved my dad,” Susannah had whispered.

had said, “You have no choice whether to love or not. Love comes, and it’s
there for those brave enough to take it. You have to be brave, and you have to
trust. If you can’t trust, you can’t love.” Rory’s eyes fell. “And if
you can’t love, you’ve going to live a very lonely life.”

words haunted Susannah. She climbed into the Sheriff’s Department cruiser, a
brand new Suburban, and adjusted the rear view mirror. She stared at her
reflection then hid her haunted eyes with mirrored sunglasses like the troopers

she buckled her seat belt and pulled out of the parking lot. She should be
happy. She’d got just what she wanted after returning from Murphy’s Cove. Her
uncle had given her patrol duty three days a week. She drove slowly through the
streets then began patrolling the stretch of highway she’d been assigned, but
she couldn’t work up much excitement for the job.

gone into law enforcement for all the wrong reasons. Now she had to figure out
what she really wanted to do with her life. She’d been thinking seriously about
going to law school, but even that didn’t excite her the way it once might
have. Once, she’d thought career was the most important thing of all. Now, she
realized she’d been wrong. She had a horrible feeling that her mother was
right. Love was the only thing of real value. Everything else passed away, but
love remained. Even an old jewel thief had discovered that.

drove the crime-free streets of Vance and tried to sort out her feelings.
Knowing Hogan was leaving made her feel bereft. Alone. Maybe she should have
called him. But what would she have said?

lied to her. Suddenly she recalled Hogan’s face as they’d made love. Yes, he’d
lied to her. But hadn’t she lied to him too? Her mother had lied yet she’d
forgiven Rory. She understood the mitigating circumstances that had prompted
Rory’s deceit. Just as, in her heart, she understood why Hogan had lied.

it. Just because she understood didn’t mean she could trust him with her heart.
Or did it? That question haunted her as she drove out the blacktop road east of

Susannah hit the steering wheel with her fist. “Trust him? Why should I?
All men have ever done is lie to me. How can I trust any man?”

words hung in the air. She flinched. Oh, God. She’d trusted Thomas McConnell, a
thief. She’d trusted the convicted felon when no one else had. She’d believed
him. If she could do that, then why couldn’t she trust Hogan?

forgiven Rory. Why couldn’t she forgive Hogan?

slammed on the brakes. She’d had no problem trusting an ex-convict she hardly
knew. Her instinct had told her McConnell was okay. She’d believed him and his
mitigating circumstances. She had good instincts. Then why not trust her
instinct about the man she loved? Couldn’t she trust herself to have fallen in
love with a man worthy of her love and respect?

dear, God,” she whispered. Suddenly, she knew that it wasn’t Hogan she
didn’t trust. It was herself. She didn’t trust herself to have the strength to
risk her heart and survive if it didn’t work out.

she’d already risked her heart. She’d given it to him. And promptly run away.
She’d never run away from anything in her whole life until she’d met Hogan.
She’d survived too. She wasn’t curled up in a fetal position and contemplating
her navel. True, she felt like crap, but she was out in the world, taking care
of her responsibilities.

going to Hogan and telling him how she felt be a bigger risk than what she’d
already done? So what if he said he didn’t love her? She was strong enough to
take that gamble. Wasn’t she? She’d survived her father’s rejection. If Hogan
rejected her, then she could survive that too. But she’d never know if she
could have it all unless she took a risk. Just like her mother had tried to
tell her.

smile spread across her face. Not only was she strong, she was smart. Smart
enough to finally realize a man could not act like Hogan, be so tender, say the
things he’d said, and not love her. She just hoped she wasn’t too late because
it would be a long trip to Washington D. C. if she missed him at the airport.

the first time in days, Susannah knew exactly what to do. She U-turned the big
Suburban and headed back to town. Allison was right. She should have called
Hogan. If for no other reason than to make sure he was as miserable as she, she
thought, grinning foolishly. Why should he get off scot free?

the rear view mirror, she saw a red Porsche come roaring out of the east. It
passed her as if she were standing still. That car looked awfully familiar. She
knew it wasn’t Allison driving because Walter had taken the car back to
Murphy’s Cove yesterday. And she was fairly certain Walter wouldn’t drive at
supersonic speed. That left one man.

hit the siren and flipped on the flashers. Her foot stomped the accelerator. The
Suburban’s big V-8 turbo-charged engine would never have caught a Porsche
driving flat out, but she suspected the pseudo renegade driving that particular
Boxxter would feel compelled to pull over when he saw the flashing lights.

Porsche was a growing speck ahead of her when she glanced down and saw the
speedometer reach a hundred and five. “Sorry, Uncle Barney,” she said
aloud with a grin that didn’t have a shred of remorse in it.

the first time in days, she felt happy. Excitement thrummed in her at the
thought of tangling with Hogan again.

brake lights of the Porsche came on. It grew larger in her field of vision as
she raced up behind it. She braked sharply as the distance between the two
vehicles narrowed.

Porsche pulled off the road and into the parking lot of the Dairy Palace. Three
other cars filled with teenagers enjoying their last days of summer vacation
occupied the lot. Car doors flew open as the kids piled out to watch the show.

heart pounded. She’d know within minutes how he truly felt. She’d know the
minute she looked into his eyes. Her hands felt clammy on the steering wheel as
she pulled in behind the Porsche. Oyster shells that took the place of gravel
in parking lots close to the coast crunched beneath the Burb’s big tires.

cut the engine. She could see Hogan clearly as he lowered the Porsche’s
convertible top. She could tell as she opened the door of the Suburban that he
was flipping through his wallet for his license.

took a moment to adjust her mirrored sunglasses. She settled her western hat
squarely on her head and stepped out onto the running board then hopped down to
the shell-covered ground. She had him now. She hitched up her gun belt and gave
her best imitation of her uncle’s swagger as she stepped up to the Porsche.
“Going to a fire?” she asked, trying to sound as gruff as her uncle.

froze. He looked up from his wallet. “What are you doing here?”

law breakers like you from running roughshod over us poor country folk.”

slow grin spread over his face. “So you finally talked your uncle into
letting you patrol?” His gaze devoured her.

felt something inside her ease. She pursed her lips to keep from smiling.
Primly, she replied, “I’ll ask the questions, sir. License and
registration please.”

You’re not serious. You don’t think you’re going to write me a ticket, do

to make your quota, Susannah?” one of the teenagers called. The rest burst
into laughter.

worked up a scowl. “You wouldn’t dare write me ticket.”

guess that would make you a three time loser.” Susannah rested her forearm
on the window frame and leaned toward him. She slid her mirrored sunglasses
down with her index finger and looked over the rims. “You were breaking
the law, sir.”

exaggerated her Texas drawl and didn’t crack a smile. “We don’t take
kindly to yankees coming down here in their fancy cars and disturbing the
peace. We especially don’t like them arguing with a peace officer. Now, you’re
not planning on giving me any lip now, are you?”

* * *

Hogan felt his insides unknot for the first time since she’d left him. A
delicious feeling of triumph swept through him. Oh, baby, I’m gonna give you a
lot more than lip, he thought. Enjoying her game, he affected a drawl.
“Maybe you could extend some professional courtesy, Deputy. After all, I
am a federal officer.”

are, huh?” Susannah pushed her glasses back into place and straightened.
“Then you should realize that speeding is one of the five reasons for
accidents in most states.”

that a fact?”

sir. That’s a serious fact. As serious as dirt.”

looked at her mouth hungrily. That mouth of hers had kissed him and teased and
tormented him. He was past ready for some kissing and making up to commence. He
smiled slowly, enjoying this prelude to the main event. “What are the
other four reasons, Deputy?”

under the influence, failure to yield, following too close, and running a stop

Deputy, maybe you just better take me to jail now.”

that, sir?”

I’m driving under the influence of a green-eyed woman too stubborn for her own
good. But then you’d have to arrest her for impersonating a woman in

huh? Sounds like you don’t know the lady in question very well or you’d realize
she wasn’t impersonating anything.”

studied her intently. A slow smile lit his face. He swallowed over the lump of
emotion in his throat. It really was going to be all right. Susannah was going
to be his.

you don’t arrest her for that, then maybe you should arrest her for failure to
yield,” he suggested.

I know you don’t have all the facts of this case, Mr. Federal Agent. I
understand the lady in question has yielded just about everything a woman can

that so? Perhaps we need to explore the facts, Deputy. Suppose you, as a
representative of the county, and I, as a representative of the federal
government, get together for a, shall we say, in depth exchange of

a moment, sir. How do I know you’re really a federal agent? Can you prove

do have a shield.” Hogan grinned. “In my pants pocket. Would you like
to come and get it?”

didn’t respond to the chorus of cat calls from the bystanders who had edged
closer. “Why don’t you show it to me, sir?”

don’t you come and get it? I won’t bite. Much.” His voice was like silk.

lips twitched. “All right, sir, but I must warn you. Don’t make any sudden
moves. I wouldn’t want to have to get physical with you.”

come on, Deputy, get physical. Please.”

warning, Susannah launched herself at him, diving over the door and landing
cross-ways against him. Her hands clutched the lapels of his sports coat as she
planted her mouth on his. The kiss burned away all the doubts between them.

the background, the raucous catcalls from the kids continued, but neither
Susannah nor Hogan cared.

an eternity, Susannah pulled back and looked deep into his blue eyes.
“What kept you, Special Agent Hogan?”

think Vonnie’s new husband calls it being a blockhead. What kept you, Deputy


smiled into each other’s eyes before closing them to block out the world as
their lips met again.

they came up for air, Hogan said, “There’s just one thing I need to

smiled up at him. “And just what might that be?”




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