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The Comedy-Clip Relationship


The Comedy-Clip

you noticed it?

Watch television
programming on any given night, and you receive comedy clips from
up-and-coming episodes of popular comedy sitcoms.

Ray Romano
slyly puts down his wife’s cooking while his dad belittles his mom
in the name of humor and a few laughs. Doug makes glib and quirky
remarks for laughs to his buddies about his wife’s hair on King
of Queens.

Now, I love
to laugh as much as the next person. I enjoy living life with lightheartedness.
I often think we just need to lighten up a little bit and enjoy
life more.

But not when
it comes to using my wife as a comic clip for someone else’s humorous

I value her
more than that.

The very person
who trusts me more than anyone should not suffer because of me.

Have you ever
seen it?

Have you ever
watched the words of humor wound the heart of another in a relationship?
Have you ever noticed the wince of pain as the “laughter”
dagger finds its mark?

Sure, they’re
smiling, but the smile doesn’t quite go all the way to the eyes.
I have seen it many times, and it’s not a pretty sight.

I recently
saw this villain in action at a photo shoot. The husband sat down
at the photographer’s leading onto a bench that he was to share
with his wife. The whole family was in the room when he glibly remarked,
“Are you sure she can fit on this bench?”

Everybody laughed!

that is, except her.

All she could
say over and over again was how “not funny” it all was.
I thought for a moment that she was going to leave the room. Sadly,
the most important part of her did, her heart.

The comedy-clip
relationship dagger strikes again!

Everybody may
love Raymond, but not everybody loves to be on the receiving end
of one of those “Raymond comedy-clip” moments in real

The next time
you think of filling a room with laughter at your significant other’s
expense, stop and think about the time the laugh was at your own.

Creates a different
perspective on things, doesn’t it?

2004 by Stanley J. Leffew,
All Rights Reserved!


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