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What Does a Man Think When He Falls in Love?

What Does a Man Think When He Falls in Love?

Males are often perceived as more stoic and hardcore than females. Stereotypical men are portrayed as stone-like creatures unable to show any emotions or fine sentiments which makes it supposedly impossible to find out what a man think when he falls in love. That, however, is a false assumption. The truth is: men are extremely empathetic and emotional beings especially compared to women. The following piece by Dylan Moran sums it up well.

Well, if that’s true, then why does it seem that only a small percentage of guys are able to show their feelings? The reason is because men don’t want to be viewed as weak because they tend to consider emotions a sign of weakness. However, even when they appear  rough on the surface, they could be hiding a turmoil of emotions from the outside world. And if you’re curious to find out what those emotions are, don’t worry: we are about to shed light on what goes through a man’s mind and heart when he falls in love.

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Feeling the Butterflies in the Stomach

Believe it or not, the famous butterflies in the stomach do apply to men when they enter a new relationship. When a guy begins to fall in love, he feels euphoria based on the assumption that the relationship turns out great. It is this (often subconscious) belief that manifests with goose bumps, or nervous laughter/giggling, or yawning, or you name it. The dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin that rush to his brain really heighten the consciousness, making his life more amazing due to your presence.

Thoughts of Staying with You Forever

This can catch you by surprise, especially if you are wondering who in his right mind would want to spend the rest of his life with a mess like you. But don’t forget: the guy has no idea who you really are because what occupies his mind is an illusion that may have little to nothing to do with you. Which is precisely what leads to the silliest state of mind when the only future the poor guy can imagine is one where you’re lodged firmly at the center of his universe while he genuinely loves you.

When he kisses you, it’s almost like he’s able to taste the upcoming decades of your life together. All of your flaws have been accepted and embraced by him (that is, the negligible proportion of your flaws which he noticed), and he is nothing but proud of you. This is your chance to get him to marry you: remember that this state won’t last, so when he meets The Real You, he is likely to run away and curse himself for ever wanting anything other than sex from you (even if you aren’t too good in bed).

Trying to Make You Happy

The man who fell in love with you is going to be worried and anxious because of how much he loves you. He is likely to constantly be thinking of ways to make you feel better and put a lot of effort into making sure you’re content, which usually requires spending money, just as George Harrison cleverly put it:

In short, his thoughts will rotate around you as if you were as important to his survival and well-being as he himself, and as if the two of you have formed a single being.

Thus, when a man is in love, you have a lot of control over his emotions. If you’re happy, he’ll be pleased, too, and your depression, annoyance or anger can make him to feel the same way. Remember that, while is is normal for someone in love to be influenced by the emotions of their beloved, you must keep the difference between healthy and unhealthy emotional ties and fix them before it is too late.

Talking with His Friends About You

It is incorrect to assume that only women openly discuss their relationships with their friends. A man who is in love also wants to tell his buddies about it, and here an interesting paradox occurs. While he may not reveal his feelings to you fully, he can be a lot more forthcoming with his friends, sometimes sharing his deepest emotions.

Guys will probably not discuss all of the reasons why they like you, but it doesn’t mean they won’t find creative ways to bring up the adorable quirks about you. Examples can include how good you are at dancing, how his oversized sweatshirts makes you appear gorgeous, and what faces you make just before, during and after you reach on orgasm.

Thinking You are the Greatest

This goes back to the part about wanting to stay with you forever: he’s going to put you on a pedestal as a deity and treat you as such, regardless whether you like it or not (most women do, even though they may be reluctant to admit that). He can also explore things like synastry astrology to create a logical foundation for why you two are a match made in heaven.

Usually, when someone regards you as the best human being even, it shows. You will see it by the way the man looks at you, the way he smells your hair or displays your photo as his screen saver and other common signs of infatuation.

Wanting to Spend Maximum Time With You

Your hands, your eyes, and your lap are the places where your guy may need the most during bad days. For your partner’s inner child, the universe might be a frightening place while you are the beacon of hope that makes it tolerable. While this may sound overwhelming and unnecessarily loaded with heavy implications, the good part is that if you become the most trusted location in the world for his deepest wants, the man won’t leave you for the world and you will always be the most attractive woman to him even if you’re quite average. Still, it won’t matter to him as he’ll want to return to you even if, in a moment of weakness, he cheats on you with someone who was too gorgeous to pass on.

What Does a Man Think When He Falls in Love? Concluding remarks

We tend to think of men as more rough and less empathetic than women, someone who are unlikely to express or feel deep emotions. This view, however, is fundamentally incorrect. Overall, men have a high level of emotional sensitivity and vulnerability which increases when a man falls in love.

Due to this, men often let women guide their relationship, which is good news because, as a woman, you have a greater chance of turning it into something you want. Just don’t forget to take care of your man’s needs, no matter how silly they may appear, and the two of you can enjoy a very fulfilling time together that last.

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