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Love Story – Through Thick and Thin

Love Story

Thick and Thin

by Nikki and Brad

was during the spring of 2003. Me and my best friend went to this
country dance in Monette Arkansas.

I had first met Brad, him and my best friend were going out, but
she had broken up with him cause she wasnt really getting into him,
so later on she had decided that she wanted me and him to give love
a try! Me and Brad has been through so much together, and I’m so
thankful that she has gotton me and him together. Sure he might
have done some wrongs, but so have I and love isn’t love if you
don’t do mistakes, and able to heal those mistakes, because that
shows how strong your relationship is.

and Brad have now been going out for a little over a year now, and
I am grateful of having him. There might have been some tears but
for him it was worth it, people say I should see if there’s anyone
else in the world for me, but I tell them no, I can’t even imagine
me with another man. I love him more than I had ever loved anyone.
I didn’t love Brad until about the 4th or 5th month that we were
going out because I was afraid to get too close, because I was afraid
to get hurt, but even if I do I know it would have been all worth
it, and if we ever do break up then I won’t be sad because of what
didn’t happen. I would be glad cause of what did happen!

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