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The SURGE of the URGE!


of the URGE!

you ever heard the expression,
“The Urge to Merge”?

is a term relating to sexuality and marriage. The “URGE”
symbolizes sexual interest, and the “MERGE” symbolizes
marriage union.

We see it all around us!

night TV bombards us with sexual images and sensual content. Commercials
that have nothing to do with sex use a sensual foundation to market
to the masses. More than ever in history our minds seem to be more
interested in the sex-drive channel than in channeling the sex-drive.

call this, “The SURGE of the URGE”.

travel back in time about sixty years before we became so technologically
advanced and started opening up the bedroom door for anyone with
an appetite and “prying eyes”.

of the older generation know of what time I speak! Back when some
things were still considered sacred and “The SURGE of the URGE”
was yet in the future.

used to be that life was about marriage and family principles. It
used to be that faith and family were the criteria for determining
life success.

other words, it was about the “MERGE”. Family and relationship
building principles for living was the norm.

Then came The
Beatles, Elvis, Rock-and-Roll and yes, Hugh Hefner and Playboy.

Gradually our
society began to shift its thinking and embrace a mindset for the
“URGE” itself. The sexual revolution stepped onto the horizon,
and “The SURGE of the URGE” was born and became the focus.

Sadly, and
to our demise I might add, the “MERGE” has been placed
on the shelf and in many cases mocked and ridiculed.

For over fifty years now
we have been a world dominated with a fascination for the “URGE”
and embraced a lead-with-the-body approach in relationship building.

Playboy, Penthouse,
Hustler, Strip Clubs, Porn Movies, Girls Gone Wild, Spring Break,
Wild On, etc. The Music Industry lyrics display this same “URGE”
mentality and, of course, let’s not forget the recent Halftime Super
Bowl antics.

We even went
through a time in recent history where the “URGE” became
the main topic of conversation surrounding the Presidency of the
United States.

Maybe, instead
of just enacting and enforcing laws and high-dollar fines…maybe,
instead of just issues of censorship…maybe, instead of just battling
it out in the boardroom and courtroom…maybe we should do something
so foreign as to go back to the shelf, dust off the idea that
marriage and family life is where it’s really at and get our focus
back on the importance of the “MERGE”.

Being wanted
for a “Night of a Lifetime” can never fully satisfy, fulfill
or replace the greatest longing of our hearts for being wanted for
a “Lifetime of Nights”.

Let’s all consider
taking the “MERGE” down from the shelf. Marriage and family
life will always play the greatest role in our civilization.

The greatest
gift we will ever give the world is a stable home.

Copyright 2004 by Stanley
J. Leffew, All Rights Reserved!


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