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Love Story – We met at a party!!

Love Story

We met
at a party!!

by Lauren

went to a party and saw the love of my life right there and then!
His name is anthony he of course thought my best friend was hot,
but then we found out her lil sis was best friends with his lil
sis! And the 2 lil sisters made Anthony and my best friend meet
and of course I was there going to hook up with his friends. Every
day he always called my cell phone not my friends. I went out with
his friend and Anthony had told me he liked me alot since he met

best friend didn’t like him at all I’m the one who made her keep
talking to him so I can chill with him! I finally told him I liked
him since I saw him at that one party! We started chilling and we
both fell in love with eachother. We went to the rapids and on a
water slide me and him. He had asked me out! It was soo cute!!!!!

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