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Before the Internet we had CB radio

Love Story

the Internet we had CB radio

by Curt & Elaine

friend of mine had a CB radio that we use to like to talk to people
on. She
used the handle “Hot Lips” and I was “Candy Kiss”,
a nickname that I’d had since I was in the 8th grade.

day we started talking to a guy who went by the name of “Little
Breaker”. He seemed like a really nice person, very witty and
kind. “Little Breaker” had a mobile unit as well as a
base unit, which simply means he had a CB both in his car and in
his home. Teresa, (that’s Hot Lips), and I would talk to many people
on the CB, but it seemed every time we would turn on the radio “Little
Breaker” would also be on and we’d end up talking with him
more than anyone else.

It was the beginning of January 1986, I was working at a
woman’s clothing store, it was near to closing time when Teresa
came into the store and informed me that we were going out after
work. I told her that my mom had my car and would be picking me
up after work; she said that she had already called my mom and told
her she’d pick me up and then we were going out. I felt a conspiracy
going on ~ but went with her anyway. I
wanted to go home and changed out of my dress and high heels but
Teresa would have no part of that. So, off we went. When I asked
her where we were off to she would not tell me.

found myself in an unfamiliar neighborhood, just as I was asking
her, again, where we were off to we pulled up this driveway – and
there sat this bright Red Ford Mustang. Looking up at the house
I noticed an antenna on the roof of the house. I knew we were at
“Little Breakers” house.

not sure if it was the Mustang that gave it away or the look on
her face when I asked her if this was Curt’s house. With a single
knock, the door opened, there stood a man, in what he liked to call,
“his smoking jacket”, it was actually a short brown velvet
robe, and a pair of tight fitting jeans. We were invited in and
escorted downstairs, to the “CB Room”, as he so often
called it. I then found out that Teresa and Curt had met earlier
that day for coffee. Curt had asked about me and told Teresa that
he wanted to meet me. They
had made arrangements for us to meet later that evening.

The conspiracy theory was right! ~

talked and laughed the night away and it was time to go home. Curt
would not let me leave without giving him my phone number; I gladly
gave it to him. In the car, on the way home Teresa said it was the
most amazing thing she’d see in a long time, Curt would be talking
to her, or to someone on the CB, but never stopped looking at me,
and I did the same.

few days later, I got a phone call from Curt he asked me out on
a date. Naturally, I agreed to go. We planned on roller-skating,
(that was the thing to do in those days). I gave him directions
to my house and that was that.

night finally came, I was nearly ready for him to pick me up when
I glanced out my bedroom window only to see him drive past my house,
twice! He came to the door, and off we went.Being
the gentlemen that he is, he naturally opened the car door for me,
forgetting to mention that his “kicker” was directly under
the glove box ~I still have the scare from it.

about 6 months of dating, Curt looked at me and very solemnly said
“I’m going to marry you some day”. I told him he was nuts,
you can’t date someone for 6 months and think you know them well
enough to want to marry them.

July 2, 1988, my birthday, Curt and I were sitting in my family
room watching TV and he looked over to me and said “Do you
remember when we first started dating and I told you I was going
to marry you some day?” There was a very brief pause and he
continued with “Well, it’s some day – Will you marry me?”
and presented me with the most beautiful gift that I’ve ever received,
a solitaire engagement ring.

On August 11,
1990 we became Mr. & Mrs. Curt D …and the rest, as they say,
is history!

I loved Curt so much that I never thought I could love him any more
then I did on that day but I find that I love him more and more
with each passing day. As I now tell my darling Curt… “I
Love You More Then The Day We Met But Less Then The Day We’ll Part.”

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