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Love Story – Opening Doors

Love Story



a long day of work I was heading home and was suddenly struck by
a desire to visit a bar that I had passed a few miles back, as the
rush-hour traffic had made a parking lot of the freeway. I figured
I could spend an hour or so with a beer and some cheap beer nuts,
and by the time I was done the traffic would have abated.

about a 10-minute drive I pulled into the parking lot across the
street from the bar and noticed that a lot of other people had the
same idea. There wasn’t a space left. So I decided to cruise around
the lot a couple of times in the hope that someone would be leaving.
Sure enough, my third time around the lot a car pulled out. I took
the space and noticed an attractive woman standing by her car in
the place next to me, looking somewhat distressed.

I passed her on my way to the bar I asked if she was having trouble,
and sure enough, she had locked her keys in the car. I cursed myself
for not always carrying a Slim Jim, and was desperately trying to
figure out another way we could solve her problem, since I thought
she was really cute.

I then noticed that, like me, her car was also a Subaru. Not the
same year or model, but I figured, what the heck, I’ll give it a
try. So I pulled my car key from my pocket and slid it into the
lock, turned it a couple of times and an instant later heard that
sweet “click.” The door was open!

I asked her out, and today I still enjoy opening car doors for her.

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