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Romantic Advice from Men


Men Want

In literature
and mythology, women are always depicted as the more mysterious
sex, the enigma without a solution. But in these modern times any
single woman or any women struggling to make a relationship work
can attest to the fact that men can be just as puzzling to the opposite
sex. So, here are some answers to the questions screamed by many
women at their partners “what the [expletive deleted] do you
want for crying out loud?”

Yes we are
that simple, kind of? The traditional theory is that men only really
care about two things. One of them is in the front and starts with
a T. The other is in the back and starts with an A. I’m sad to say
that for the vast majority if the male species, at least when it
comes to the initial attraction and to our level of commitment and
happiness early in a dating relationship, yes this is true. I myself
am guilty of this and all of the men I know and interviewed concerning
this topic all agreed. That is all they see at first and that makes
almost all of the difference at first. However, this is not all
bad news. For one thing, just because our single male minds are
all on the prowl for T-n-A and a little action and personality comes
in a distant 272nd on our priority list, we are not all stuck on
the same stereotype of how a woman’s body should look. Yes there
are men that expect their women to look like a Supermodel with ridiculous
Barbie proportions. But those guys tend to have the mentality of
an 18-year-old frat boy anyway, so do you really care what makes
them happy.

The vast majority
of us would rather have a woman that looks like a woman, not a skinny
12-year-old girl. We prefer a woman that looks healthy and curvy
and athletic over super skinny with obviously fake breasts. Women
do not really have to live up to the ideals perpetuated by the media
because men find as many different things attractive about women
as there are different women, so just be proud of what you have
and there will be real men out there who find you attractive.

The truth,
when it comes to appearance, being confident with what you have
is as important if not more important than having what society says
you should have. A confident, somewhat aggressive women with a walk
that shakes and bounces with confidence will attract more men and
keep them more enthralled than a beauty queen who spends all her
time worrying about how she looks.

That means
that, no, we do not think you are fat and nine times out of ten
we are not checking out that other girl. For most guys if they are
truly hooked on you then we find you and you alone beautiful, and
that’s why we are there.

the Body

While it is true that our intitial reactions hinge mostly on appearance,
there are some key things most guys want in a woman’s personality
that mean more in the long run than physical beauty. We like to
be able to keep our women happy just as much as women like to keep
their men happy. However, we do not want to have to be constantly
jumping through hoops and planning and pulling off miracles to keep
your level of happiness up. We like “low maintenance”
women. We like to feel like you need us to do things, fix things,
but a woman who is so hard to please and is so “high maintenance”
that is impossible for guys who hate shopping to begin with to shop
for. That gets old fast. We like to think up creative anniversary
ideas, but don’t want a woman who expects a giant production for
every birthday or anniversary and says we don’t care if we can’t
put tons of thought in everything we do. Basically we like women
who make us feel needed for everything but aren’t so fragile and
high maintenance that we really are needed for everything.

Clear Signals
The other major things that guys sometimes want from women is obviousness.
Although it can be enticing, we don’t ALWAYS like subtlety. My idea
of good long term relationship is you telling us exactly what you
want and exactly what we can do to turn you on and giving us romantic
and sexual signals that are so clear we’d have to be brain dead
to miss them. It may not seem romantic and spontaneous and may not
feel like seduction to you, but trust me if you want us, make it
obvious big flashing lights. If you want to attract us be as blunt
and bovious and direct about it as possible because many guys get
very confused with mixed signals or subtle hints.

~ Jason
late 20’s


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