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Love Story – Knight in an Armor

Love Story

Knight in an Armor

by Sheila and Gab

After college, I took the challenge of working in which is around 2 hours by plane from our place in city. I met a lot of good looking smart and brilliant guys and I always use my being smart in flirting with these guys. Oh well, after all I was so active in school being the president of our student council and being the class salutatorian, magna cum laude so I always think I can get whatever and whoever I like. That’s me! I’ve been dating with lots of men in the big city but I am not more of a party girl.

One instance I called my long lost close friend way back in who happened to be a cadet in a prestigious whom I met in one of the leadership congresses I’ve attended. We’ve talked about a lot of things over the phone and I told him that I’ll be going back to my hometown since I already passed the licensure exam for teachers. Then, he introduced his classmate to me over the phone. So, we had a little conversation and that time I told myself that THIS IS IT…I don’t really believe in MAGIC, but at that point I can say there was really MAGIC…after which, we never communicated for 2 months and I was hoping that one day he’ll call me or just text me…I was asking for a sign from God that if he’ll communicate with me before my scheduled departure in Manila, I’ll stay there and postponed all my plans. But, never did I hear anything from him. I always believe that nothing is impossible to a willing heart and so I researched his name in friendster and thanks God, it appeared. I left a message for him, introducing myself and leaving my contact details.

Then, I went home to my hometown. After a month, I checked my account in friendster and got a reply from him leaving his contact details and telling me that he’s in a vacation in his hometown. We were like located in both ends of the country. So, I called him immediately and that was the beginning of a very good friendship. After such, he used to call me everyday and we’re getting closer everyday I am talking to him. But, I never met him. We’ve been together for just one week of talking over the phone and we haven’t yet met in person. I just don’t believe it’s possible. I love him so dearly and his looks wouldn’t mean a lot to me. After one month of sharing love together, I was so surprised when he flew all the way from to our hometown and I just couldn’t imagine that. He spent his Christmas with me and my family and I simply love his simplicity, his being sensible, smart, and everything about him…plus, it’s a bonus that he’s good looking, hahaha…

To cut the story short, we’ve been together now for two years. Seven months of that was plain texting and calling since it’s a long distance love affair and he needed to be back in the . I wasn’t able to attend to his graduation and birthday at the same time since my parents wouldn’t permit me to fly all the way from our place, so I really cried watching him receiving his diploma since it was telecast in TV. But it’s a GREAT EXPERIENCE! He’s now an officer in the Philippine Army.

He was assigned in the Visayas region which is miles away from our place, so I decided to pursue my career in the same region though my parents are against with it. I got a work in the same region and now I regularly visit him in the battalion and our love is just so PERFECT. I’m his first girlfriend and he really means the world to me.

This is really an inspiring story for me. I always feel blessed of having him whom I can spend my whole life with. Being a future wife of a military official is not easy. You need to be very patient and understanding at all times and you need to accept that you are not his main priority. Now, we are planning to get married and hope God will always bless our relationship ?

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