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Love Story – Good Morning

Love Story

Good Morning

This is from Bill for my girl Jennifer

Good Morning!
A phrase we all use all the time right?

I say it to my daughter, I say it to my employees and even my mailman. I guess you could say its some kind of a blessing to one another to start the day, a greeting to break the ice, maybe just a habit to some but to most an act of politeness.  Good morning to me has a whole different meaning than it does to most people. I don’t remember how often I say it nor do I remember any special moments I’ve really used it, except one!

I remember it was a cold morning, and I went to my usual morning coffee spot parked in my usual parking spot and walked in. That’s when it took on a whole new meaning. I looked up and my usual waitress wasn’t there, oh no it definitely wasn’t the usual. I looked at a pretty waitress with a ponytail and eyes that lit up the world!  Oh my God! I was thinking, there was something about her and I can’t tell you what it was but she glowed, she brightened even the gloomiest day.

Then it happened! She looked at me and said good morning! Nothing special to most people but to me the most memorable good morning I’ll ever remember. She smiled and just said good morning and my knees got weak. I muttered out something somewhat wise and funny and just watched her. It wasn’t her physical looks or what she was wearing, no it was the way she carried herself, the way she glowed around people.

Little did I know she liked me and little did she know that I liked her but for about two months we just enjoyed each others company, and I would look for any excuse to stop in and see her like buying a coffee that I couldn’t even drink so I would stop at my friends shops and drop off coffee.  Finally one day she did it, she asked me for my e-mail address and I knew this was my chance to get to really know this beautiful women. So for days we talked on the computer and then the phone. 

As time went on we fell in love and I don’t mean just plain love! This is a once in a lifetime love that’s pure and from the heart, a love story you only read about in fairy tale books. You see it’s not much a story about good mornings, it’s much more. It’s a story about good beginnings, and good evenings and good times and a good life, it’s a love story about my girl and me. Her name is Jennifer, don’t know what it means, but in Persia she would be called Navaz which is a name from an ancient Persian language,,,,, it means Gift from God! And yes she is a gift and I thank God every day for my gift.

So you see some people think Good morning is just a greeting or a phrase to be polite but not me – I know Good morning is the start of a love story, mine and hers, it’s the start of a new beginning, of getting on with our lives, of growing old and holding hands on the porch swing – till death do us part.

I love you Jennifer.

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