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My Love Story

Love Story

My love story…
with no end in sight

by HeavenSent

Was it Coincidence?

I was your average night owl due to my job at a hotel. So as boredom engulfed me one night I sought out the internet. So wondering what to do with my time I came across an online chat/dating service. I wasn’t looking to find my one true love. I just wanted to chat with someone to pass the time away until I could go home.

No finding any suitable people to chat with I decided to browse the profiles. I came across one of a man that was close to my age. I like the fact he had goals and that he was christian. Because I was a new christian only seeking out people that believed the same as me.

So I decided to set up my own profile so I could write him a quick note just to tell him I liked his profile. So I wrote to him and then looked at others not finding another one that I liked I logged off. I didn’t log back on the site again figuring that it would be another w! asted night with nobody interesting to talk to.

I logged into my email account and found a email from the site manager saying I had an email. I logged on and it was from the man I emailed. Now I was curious of what he would tell me. Luck would have it he was online as I was reading his email he instant me.

I decided to talk to him for little bit curious at what he was like. We chatted a bit on that Friday night. I had to get offline because I was due to attend a barbecue with friends. I thanked him for chatting with me and hoped to talk to him again. He said he equally enjoyed our conversation and wondered when we could talk again.

I hesitated for bit thinking about when I be online again. Then I figure wasn’t any harm in giving him my number he was a local boy and who knows I could have found someone interesting to hang out with. He thanked me for my number and asked if he could call me later that night! . We set up time for him to call and I was off to my barbecue.

At the barbecue I have to admit that I was a little anxious to hear his voice. I kept looking at my watch wishing the time to hurry up so I could go home. Finally it was time to go home and our first conversation was wonderful.

Come to find out that we actually attended the same church and his friends were mine. Funny thing was he was suppose to be at the same barbecue as me but elected to not attend because he had homework to do.

So we agree to meet the next Sunday at church. We both figured in order to have a relationship of any kind it needed to be offline and in person. So Sunday came and we met. I won’t say that sparks were flying for me because it wasn’t.

I still at this point even meeting him wasn’t looking for anything but a friend. He later told me that he was attracted to me from the moment he! met me. I laugh it off because at time he really wasn’t my type.

We sat by each other in church and afterwards met up later at my house. We took a long walk and talked about everything. It was so easy to talk to him and he said same about me. Still pursuing the idea of friendship on my part I agreed to meet him on campus August 19.

What was just a friendly meeting actually turned into our first date. We watched the sunset as we layed and the grass. I didn’t want the night to end and neither did he. But the gentleman as he was he took me home and promised to call me.

He did and here we are celebrating our 7 months relationship together. He is the one I been waiting my whole life for. We plan to get married next summer and spend the rest of our lives together. I never knew love could be like this.

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