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Cold Weather Loving

by Jason

It's Winter in the northern hemisphere so for most of the world, it's getting pretty cold outside.

Most people think of romance as a summer affair, with little clothing and light summer breezes as you and your boyfriend go hiking or picnicking through a summer meadow. How do you find romance when the sun goes down early and its snowing outside and there is a chill that gets into your bones.

The best key to cold weather romance, of course, is body heat. You both have it. Why not share it. Being cold is an excuse to snuggle up. We know you could just turn up the heater, but getting a blanket and asking your boyfriend to keep you warm makes up feel more useful in your lives, more like we are taking care of you.

Fires are always romantic as well. If you have the luxury of having a fireplace, use it. Turn off all the lights and warm the house with the soft orange glow that makes it feel like the wee hours of the morning, even when its only 8 p.m. There are, however, a few things to remember with a fire. Make sure the flew is open. Carbon monoxide poisoning is not romantic. Also, its harder to build a fire in a fire place than you might think. If you live in a more urban environment where kindling is not as easy to come by, there's nothing wrong with springing for the instant fire log. Also, a slow-burning, glowing fire that you steadily add little logs to as the night wears on is far more romantic than a raging big fire that makes the house feel like a sauna.

Going out in the cold can be romantic as well. Typically speaking, being bundled up under six layers of clothing is not conducive to romance. But then again, take the opportunity to do things together. Play in the snow together. Go ice skating together. And use the cold as an excuse to rush back into a cozy, and romantic, apartment together.


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