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Journey to Being a Mom

by Talkingwateraudie

My name is Audrey but no one ever called me by that name. Not even at school. It was always Audie. I was very shy as a girl. But as I got to be older it went better for me in high school. I was in foster homes a lot and that didn't help my shyness at all. It seemed like I couldn't talk with no one. When I decide to talk with someone I had to move again.

When it came to having a boyfriend. I just went with it. I wasn't into them like the other girls in my class. Having the idea of someone wanting to spending their life with me scared me. I didn't know if I could live in one spot. Got used to moving all the time that ir just kind of grew on me.
But the day came when i had to go to court and they asked who I wanted to live with? No one in my family had a fosters licence. And I didn't know at the time. So the court said you can either go to another foster home or go live with your aunt. I said "okay" I can just go with my aunt. "Right", but no, the problem was that I had never met her. So I would be living once again with another stanger.

Wasn't so bad if I thought more about it. At least it was family I was moving in with.

It was time to move in with her now. She lived five hours away from where I have been all my life. When the transporter brought me there she wasn't even there. And the transporter just left me there. SO there I was just seating on the porch with all of my suit cases. There was still school going on because school buses kept coming and droping kids off right next to me. I wasn't sure what to do. Wanted to leave but where could I go? Didn't even know where I was? Wanted to just go home and for get this even happened. But out of no where. I heard a soft voice coming near me. "Hello can I help you?" I looked up and seen a lady coming near me. Yes I told her. I am going to moving here but I don't where they are? SO I am just seating here waiting for them to get home to talk with them. She then asked me. So do you know who your waiting for? "No, I don't." I said.

She looked at me with soft eyes and said "OH babe it will be okay, this is my mom's house she just went to the bank." I will help you bring your things in.

We went in and the house looked so big to me. She then asked if I was hungry? I wasn't but where I am from when someone asks you if your hungry you eat. So I sat down and ate.

It wasn't long tha my auntie came into the door. She looked just like me I thought to myself. She hugged and told me she has been waiting for me. But had to make a quick stop at the bank. And she was sorry for having me wait outside. I was feeling a lot better.

Later that night we sat down to have dinner. She was telling that she travels every weekend. I was happy to hear that. She said that she travels stick games. I wasn't sure what that was but went with it any how. She said to get ready if I wanted to go because she was leaving early in the morning. SO I went to my suit cases and started to pick cloths out. I didn't know where we going? Didn't have any money either. But just decide to get six sets of cloths any how. when morning came she came in to wake up but I was already in the shower getting ready. I got out and started to cook a little something for breakfest. We both ate and on the road we went. I am a really bad car baby. every time I get into the car I get sleepy. So when I woke up we were there. I heard singing and druming. I walked where I counld hear this. And it was under a white tent. There was so many people. Gambling and laughing. I was looking around and my aunting then came up to me and said, are you ready? 'I sure am' I said to her. So she took me by my hand and sat in the second row of a team. I then noticed that in front of me was her son. She handed me a rattle and said to try and sing. SO I just kept listening to the songs and then just started to sing. Didn't want to make a mistake so I didn't want to sing that loud. But my auntie kept pushing me to sing louder. Hours went by and had won a lot of money. Like $300 so I decided to go and look for some food and just take a look around. I saw this girl and decided to talk to her. I thought that she might know how to sing these songs. But she didn't she just learing to she said. So we just walked around. She seem to be nice so I decided to be friends with her.

She all of a sudden wanted me to meet her brother. She kept telling me that he wasn't going with no one. But I told her that I didn't want to. I was okay just trying to deal with my move and needed time. And really I just wanted to me single. Had no time for a man right now. All they want to do is boss women around and hell about nothing. I wasn't wanting none of that. But I needed to go to the store. My auntie was no where to be found. So I went with my new friend to ask if her brother could take me? He looked at me and smiled. Then said to me " You need a ride a baby?" Baby, where did that come from? I didn't even know this guy. I was mad and said nothing. Just stood there for a moment. Then walked back to the tanr hoping to find my auntie once more. Found her and just started to sing and laugh with her. Didn't tell her nothing just thought she would have laughed at me. So I then noticed that he stick gamed to because he was walking by us a lot. I didn't want to look at him. But he then stood right next to me so I moved my chair! He looked at me funny and walked away.

Morning came and my auntie went to sleep. I was just walking around. A girl came up to me and told me that her cousin liked me a lot. Couldn't quit talking about me. I said so what. She then asked if I could do her a favor? He was sleeping in the wroung tent. That tent was for little kids to sleep in. She needed help getting him out. So I said okay I can try to help. I thought she meant lifting him up or something But she then said "whisper something to him". Me what. So I layed right next to his ear and said. "Hey did you want to talk to me? Hey wakeup..." But nothing he was out. So then I said I would try one more time. I shook him and said H E L L O. My name is Audie. His eyes opened and looked right into mine. He words were so soft. "I have been trying to talk with you all night". I told him to come here I had something to whisper in his ear outside the tent. He got right away and said what, what is it? I then looked at him and said your sleeping in some kids tent they just wanted me to wake up! I got to go. He looked at me and said no.

He told me his name was Moon from the Muckleshoot Tribe and wanted to get to know me more. I seemed to be nice to him. He then asked me where I was from? Why has he not seen me before? Who was I with? So I said "The name is Audie as you may know. I am from Colville rez but now living on the Muckleshoot Rez. I here with my auntie. WHY??? He then smiled and said good I live right down the hill from you. Can I take you out for a bite? No thanks I not hungry. I looking for my auntie. I think it is time to go home. have a good one okay. And left it like that.

My auntie found me and we went back to the van, to get ready to go home. She put the key in but it wouldn't turn over. We were stuck or something. I just sat there. wasn't sure what to do. Moon walked over and asked if we were okay? No I told him the key won't start the van. Something is broken. He then went over looked at it and fixed it. He said try now. "WOW there it went. It started." So he said so how about that number? Or can I see you? So I said sure. He said that he knew where I lived. Because he used to stick game with my aunties son. So I left like that and went to sleep. I knew it was going to be a long ride home.

When I got home I decided to take a shower. I got out and there he was waiting in the living room. He looked up at me and smiled. Asked if I want to go to the movies with him?

SO on and so on...

We now we have a baby. Her name is Alexis and she is 4mo. old. I am still in love with this man named Moon.

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