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Computer Luv

by Tony and Lele

I was a soon to be divorcee. Thinking love could never possible knock on my door again, that is until my girlfriend introduced me to a dating website that she was having much luck with.

As I was browsing the site I saw many very attractive young men, but one guy in particular jumped out at me from the computer screen itself. His profle was too good to be true, and he was strikingly handsome to say the least. Although I responded to his ad, I thought somewhere in the back of my mind.."I will never hear from this man".

Oddly enough he responded to my request for conversation, almost immediately. For two people who had never crossed paths, we talked by phone and chatted by email for hours on end, about any and everything. He helped me get over the memories of the ended relationship from my past, and helped me to realize that maybe love was out there for me again. Words can not explain the joy we had when we were together...1-2 dates starting in year 2000 ended in a God sent wedding in 2004. My honey and I just celebraeted our one year wedding anniversary this past April. And we are counting. We are living witnesses that true love is not impossible to find. Even Online!

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